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ABC's of First Grade

The ABC's of First Grade


School begins at 8:00 a.m. Please have children here by 7:55. Breakfast begins at 7:30. Students who arrive to school before 7:45 will need to report to the gym.

B-Behavior, Birthdays:

We use a classroom finance system for behavior management.  As stated in the EPS Handbook birthday policy, students are not allowed to bring in a birthday treat or hand out birthday invitations at school. L  


I will send home a weekly email newsletter with homework info, skills for the week and explaining what is going on in the classroom. For daily communication back and forth, there is a Weekly Homework Communication Chart in your child’s folder for us to use for communication, so please check your child’s home folder daily.

D-Daily Schedule, District Assessments:

We will have PE & Computer Lab daily. Music is 3 days per week. We will take  benchmark literacy assessments and math assessments throughout the year.


Your child is responsible for bringing home his or her home folder each night. Your child will be expected to follow the rituals and routines of the classroom.

F-Field Trips:

We will be planning one fieldtrip this year. We will travel to OKC and go to the Zoo! We would love chaperones for this trip! Look for this info much later in the year.


Students will earn grades this year based on their progress in class. All graded papers will be returned to the student.


Homework will be sent home 3 or 4 nights per week. The Home Folder needs to come to school with your child daily. More information about homework will be sent home inside the Home folder and in the weekly email newsletter.


The best way to send and receive information is through a note in your child’s homework folder, or an email to me. My email address is If you have a last minute transportation change, please contact the front office to ensure that I get the message.

J-Junk Food:

Please ensure that students eat a healthy breakfast everyday as we have a late lunch this year. Our lunch begins at 12:00pm. We will have snacks for our 3 parties this year and for a few other special occasions!

K-Keeping in touch:

Parent conference dates for this year are scheduled for September 24 & 25 and February 25 & 26.


We go to lunch daily at 12:00pm daily


M-Missing School

Help your child be here daily. If you plan to take a family trip or know of an absence in advance, please let me know so that I can plan accordingly with make-up work.

N- Necessary Supplies

All necessary supplies from the supply list should be sent in as soon as possible. If you would like to send in any extra supplies, we are always in need of zip lock baggies, Lysol spray and hand sanitizer gel.  I like to keep the germs away. J


Students will participate in recess and P.E. daily. Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothing and tennis shoes or brings tennis shoes to change into for PE class.


If you are interested in joining the PTO (I encourage you to join!J), please check in the office about membership and the first meeting. Our current PTO President is Lora Whitehead.

Q-Quizzes and Assessments:

We will be having assessments and quizzes weekly. Most Fridays, we will have a spelling assessment. Other assessments (both whole group and individual) will be done throughout the week.


One of the most important things you can do with your child this year is listen to them read every night.

S-Students Reading

In class each day, we will have Monitored Independent Reading Practice time. We are working to build our reading stamina to 20 minutes of reading time daily.


We must know how your child is getting home each day. Please let me know in writing in your child’s home folder if there is a change.

U- Unexpected:

If you have an unexpected change in transportation, please make sure to call the front office. I do not always have time to check my voicemail or email until after 3:00. 

V- Volunteers:

There will be many opportunities for volunteers this year. If you would like to volunteer in our room, please let me know!  I look forward to partnering with you for your child’s success!

W-Wish List:

Your trash can sometimes be our treasure! Throughout the year we may need different supplies for art projects. (Old magazines, old CD’s, etc.) Notes will come home explaining the craft. If you have the following children’s magazines around your house, we can give them a good home (Highlights, Ranger Rick, National Geographic for Kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids, etc…)


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Email is the best form of communication for me and my phone number at school is 580-366-8000.

Y-Your role as a parent:

Help your child become responsible. Help with homework. Ask questions.


Make sure you help your child get plenty of rest all year!