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All of our themed music programs will incorporate the techniques and practices we are learning in the classroom. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to!


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17TH 9:00AMAmerican Folk image


A long time ago someone told a story to someone who repeated it… and that someone picked up a guitar and turned the story into a song so it would be easier to remember. That’s pretty much the story of Folk Music; stories preserved in song.

Our 5th graders will be learning a variety of American Folk Music and even creating their own rhythmns using various objects!


Program Performance




We hold Veteran’s Day very dear to our hearts here at Prairie View and will be honoring our Veteran’s and those serving our country through music.

Our 4th graders will work hard to learn the country’s most favored patriotic music and sing tribute to the home of the brave.


Program Performance



THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14TH 9:00AMChristmas Around the World image


Christmas is a time of tradition and celebration! We will not only sing and play some of our own Christmas favorites, but also explore Christmas in cultures around the world!

Our 3rd graders will dive into the traditions of various countries through song and intrument. Let’s celebrate the holidays together as a globe this December!