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Daily Schedule

Our Class Schedule

8:00-8:30- Morning Business- Attendance, Lunch Count, Check folder, seat work

8:30- 9:15- Morning Meeting- Calendar, Share time, Rest Room Break

9:15-9:45- Reading- Read Aloud and activity

9:45-10:00- Phonics- Fundations

10:00-10:40- Literacy Centers

10:40-11:00- Break Time- Recess, Four Corners, Wiggle Removers

11:00-11:15- Phonemic Awareness- Haggerty

11:20-11:55- Lunch and Recess

11:55-12:20- Brain Vacation

12:20-1:15- Math and Math Stations

1:15- 2:05- Specials

2:05-2:40- Developmental Centers and Snack

2:40- Clean Up

2:45- Pack Up

3:00- Dismissal

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